On Tuesday, August 28th, the Lents Neighborhood Association discussed a possible change in enforcing its code of conduct, a tree give-away program, changes to zoning near Johnson Creek. Also, board elections are next month.

@ 12:05 – The City of Portland’s Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry division is giving away 500 yard trees. On Nov 3rd they’ll be in Bloomington Park (SE Steele St & SE 100th Ave); on Oct 13th Parklane Park. Register here.

At the Holgate Library, a Cooking Around the World program begins on Sept 16th with mooncakes, a Southeast Asian dish. Also in the library, there will also be representatives from WorkSource Oregon and SNAP.

@ 16:00Jeff Reardon, a Oregon representative from District 48 gave an update on a law passed allowing Oregon Department of Transportation and the City to address unauthorized camping by co-manage property. Several groups are working on new rules (including the American Civil Liberties Union) to make sure protect people’s rights are respected, he said.

@ 17:30 – Neighbor Jason Bird called for volunteers for a Lents history project he’s organizing.

@ 19:20 – LNA members voted to post a draft of possible changes to LNA bylaws on the NA Facebook page after a discussion of the topic.

@ 34:40 – There was a discussion about the LNA switching neighborhood coalitions from East Portland Neighborhood Office to Southeast Uplift lead by at-large board member Katie Penna.

For full disclosure, Katie is a contributor to Village Portland, but has chosen not to write for us while she is on the board to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest.

@ 59:50 – There was a wide-ranging discussion on a proposed code of conduct and ethics enforcement process for the LNA. It was not adopted.

@ 1:37:50Mindy Brooks, with the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability spoke about a plan to change the environmental overlay zones along Johnson Creek.

@ 1:53:50 – Former LNA chair Nick Christensen made suggestions about what he wanted to see added to the declaration based on his experience working on Johnson Creek.

The LNA board election is next month. Paul Leistner from Office of Community and Civic Life said LNA needs to form a nominating committee to prepare for the election.