More details emerge on the new shelter planned for Foster Road

More details are coming to light about the new women and couples shelter planned for 6144 SE Foster Rd, including the fact that it’s planned to be a low barrier shelter. Since the beginning, neighbors involved have criticized the process around opening this shelter— and are still asking for more collaboration and clarity

The Foster Shelter Steering Committee meeting begins at about the @ 8:00 mark. Whether you’ve been following the issue or not, there’s several insightful comments on the Facebook livestream, and you can read the comments in realtime as you watch the video.

If you’re new to the issue, here’s a story from when the shelter was approved by the Multnomah County Commission in January, and a more recent piece from a meeting on the shelter in March.

I want to thank Gray Ayer for filming the meeting and allowing me to use it in this story. If you’re interested in getting involved in the planning process around the shelter, visit SouthEast Allied Communities web page.

To recap the last meeting, reviewed the program and building design.

@ 12:30 – April, from the Joint Office addressed questions from the last meeting:

In the last meeting, she said the committee wasn’t asked to vote on what population would be served, rather it was a “straw poll” or “check in”. The shelter would serve the most vulnerable homeless and those who “haven’t be able to engage in more traditional shelters”.

Said there wasn’t a budget for public safety, and that would be based on the good neighbor agreement.

@ 19:40 – April said it wouldn’t be humane to site shelter facilities far from neighborhoods they’ll have to integrate into eventually. If a person’s criminal history precludes them from being within a certain distance from a school, they wouldn’t be able to stay at the shelter.

@ ~25:40 – Willamette Center (a shelter similar to the one planned for Foster Rd) has a good neighbor agreement, but when pressed said that it wasn’t an actual written agreement. But it was clarified that a written agreement was offered, but not requested because things were going smoothly.

The neighbor who asked for a good neighbor agreement, bringing applause from many in attendance. He was told he’s get a good neighbor agreement.

@ 33:24 – A neighbor said that the current low barrier plan is at the different end of the spectrum from what Mayor Ted Wheeler said. His staffer said Wheeler didn’t understand the terms meant, but does now.

@ 50:32 – Officers from the Portland Police Bureau addresses public safety concerns around the 120-person shelter. The comments on the FB livestream are insightful during their presentation.

It’s good these meetings are happening, but this all exists within the context of a top-down process that didn’t include neighbors until the decision was already finalized. Early in the livestream, one neighbor criticized the steering committee modelpreferring to pursue a lawsuit against the City.

This isn’t an endorsement, but Loretta Smith, a candidate for next month’s City Council election, address the issue in the video below:


This weekend

There’s a lot going on for Spring and Arbor / Earth Day!

Also, if you missed it, there was a Portland City Council candidates forum (video & story) sponsored by Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association, where East Portland and it’s distinct needs were addressed. There was also a meeting about the proposed Foster Road shelter (video and story).


This new garden in Lents is a big win for Lents! Respect to Jennifer Young and all the volunteers who made it happen!

Earth Day Dedication and Naming of Lents Community Garden:

“… the Lents community will be gathering at the SE 96th & Woodstock cul-de-sac to dedicate and name the newest Lent’s community garden. This community garden on Oregon Department of Transportation land is possible because of the tireless efforts of Lents community leaders and activists. Please join the community in celebration and help plan the newest addition to the green spaces in the Lents neighborhood.” 

Location of the new garden in Lents on ODOT property: ✨🌱✨

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SE 96th & Woodstock cul-de-sac * Sunday, 4/22, noon * 



If you haven’t noticed, we at Village Portland are pretty stoked about small businesses. Starting your own business takes a lot of work, but it’s a chance to do it your way and serve your customers in a unique and distinct way.

I’m glad to see this ethic is translating to Oregon’s blooming / booming cannabis industry.

I randomly met one of the managers from Urban Farmacy, and it was cool to learn how the owners support equality and education in what they do.  She said for 4/20, they’ll have growers present from Moonshine Gardens, a female-run cannabis grower from Southern Oregon. They’ll also have specials on clones and flower, she said.

Every business is special and every business owner went out on their own for their own reasons. We’re excited to start telling more of these kind of stories.

Urban Farmacy, 420 SE 60th Ave * open until 9:45 pm 

And right around the corner from the dispensary, there’s live music. Please remember the quote / italics combo is direct from their calendar: 
The Hillwilliams: “High-energy bluegrass! And they are a bunch of stoners, so it’s perfect for 4/20!”
The O’Neill Public House, 6000 NE Glisan St * 9:30 pm – 1 am


Whitenoise Project 12: “Visionaries: Finding a Future through Sci-Fi, Alternative History”

“Join writers Nisi ShawlWalidah Imarisha and Janice Lee for a night of poetry, prose and science fiction to explore the question of what it means to be a visionary for your community. You can start now by taking this survey!

ADA accessible and all ages! No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

The Whitenoise Project is a reading and discussion series aiming to center voices from underrepresented communities (PoC, Queer, Femme, WoC and people with disabilities), and is supported by a Jade-Midway Placemaking Grant from APANO.”

Milepost 5, 8155 NE Oregon St * 7 pm * $5-10 suggested donation


Portland Arbor Day – A Celebration of Trees (event):

“The biggest tree celebration of the year! Join us for free outdoor family fun including live music, food, art, giveaways, scavenger hunt, tree climbing, walking tours, the Naito Awards, and more! “

Mt. Scott Park, 5530 SE 72nd Ave * 10 am – 3 pm 


And from / for our friends in Brentwood-Darlington:
Lane Middle School (7200 SE 60th Ave) 3rd Annual Beautification event is 8:30 am – 1:30 pm.
Learning Gardens Lab (6745 SE 60th Ave) is having their Earth Day Festival is from 11 am – 2 pm.
Earth Day event:

“Join Portland Parks & RecreationJohnson Creek Watershed Council and the Friends of Errol Heights as part of SOLVE’s SOLVE IT! Earth Day event, to complete important ecological enhancement projects at this little gem of a Park. We will be picking up litter and mulching native bareroot trees and shrubs to provide habitat for insects, birds and other animals, but also beauty and better air quality for the neighborhood and Park visitors.

No experience necessary! Wear long thick pants, a long-sleeved shirt and sturdy shoes. Bring a water bottle, rain gear, warm clothes and a sunhat. Instruction, tools, gloves, water, coffee / tea and snacks provided. Children welcome, and must be accompanied by an attentive adult.”

Errol Heights Natural Area, SE 52nd Ave & SE Tenino Ct * 9 am – noon


Fitness Fair at Mt. Scott Community Center:

“Meet instructors, take sample fitness classes, and receive a voucher for 20% off an Annual Pass.”

Mt. Scott Community Center, 5530 SE 72nd Ave * 4 pm – 6 pm * free


Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Oregon’s Next Level:

“Ready to bring your writing and illustration skills to The Next Level? Whether you’re plotting a novel or perfecting a picture book, SCBWI Oregon’s professional series will give you tools to advance your career.

This month: Comics Writing with Sara Ryan.

Taborspace has a new calendar, you can keep up with what’s going on over there. – is a great example of how a church, Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church, has welcomed the community into their space.

There’s also a meet and greet with Portland City Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty Sunday!

Taborspace,  * 2 pm – 4 pm * $8 – $12


Earth Day Dedication and Naming of Lents Community Garden:

“… the Lents community will be gathering at the SE 96th & Woodstock cul-de-sac to dedicate and name the newest Lent’s community garden. This community garden on Oregon Department of Transportation land is possible because of the tireless efforts of Lents community leaders and activists. Please join the community in celebration and help plan the newest addition to the green spaces in the Lents neighborhood.” 
SE 96th & Woodstock cul-de-sac * noon 


Zenger Farm camp open house:

“This fun free family event is a great chance to visit the farm and come play with us! We will have common camp activities set up so you can try them out and have a chance to meet many of the Zenger educators! Camp staff will be on hand to answer any questions and can help you apply for a scholarship and even register for camp that day! Free food will be provided.”

11741 SE Foster Rd * 1 pm – 4 pm


Death Cafe

“Death Cafe is a growing international movement of people who come together in a relaxed and safe setting to discuss death and drink tea. Conversation about whatever is on your mind regarding death takes place in small groups. Our goal is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.

Made possible by The National Endowment for the Humanities Fund of The Library Foundation. Registration (here) required.”

Midland Library, * 2 pm – 4 pm 


Have a great weekend!


Portland City Council Candidates Debate

It was good to see candidates for two Portland City Council seats discuss the issues brought forward by East Portland neighbors. Also encouraging was how many volunteers from different neighborhoods stepped up to help put the event together.

The debate was put on by the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association, and organized by the organization’s president, Chelsea Powers. 

After introductions and thank yous, the debate began.


@ 3:15 – The candidates for City Council Position 2, (L to R: Julia DeGraw, [a surrogate for] Nick FishPhilip J. Wolfe, and Nicholas Sutton) made their introductions.

@ 9:50 – The candidates are asked about better representation for outer Portland, and if they would support changing the City Charter to create districts.

@ 14:55 – The candidates answered how they would include neighborhood associations and other community groups in City decisions.

@ 20:40 – The candidates were asked about livability issues, and more specifically, if they supported hiring more police officers.

@ 29:25 – The candidates were asked how they would balance the budget to support City services.

@ 36:15 – The candidates were asked about how they would pave streets in East Portland.

@ 41:50 – The candidates made their concluding statement.


@ 49:30 – The candidates for Portland City Council Position 3 (L to R: Stuart Emmons, Andrea Valderrama, Loretta Smith, Jo Ann Hardesty, and Felicia Williams) made their introductions.

@ 55:30 – The candidates are asked about better representation for outer Portland, and if they would support changing the City Charter to create districts.

@ 1:03:08 – The candidates answered how they would include neighborhood associations and other community groups in City decisions.

@ 1:11:54 – The candidates were asked about livability issues, and more specifically, if they supported hiring more police officers.

@ 1:22:15 – The candidates were asked how they would balance the budget to support City services.

@ 1:30:33 – The candidates were asked about how they would pave streets in East Portland.

@ 1:37:47 – The candidates made their concluding statement.


Election Day is May 15th. The last day to register to vote in this election is April 24th.







This weekend


Cody Weathers & The Men Your Mama Warned You About, live at Cartlandia.

“America’s favorite scat-rockers bring their smorgasbord of musical influences to Portland’s ultimate smorgasbord, The Blue Room Bar at Cartlandia. Gorge yourselves.”

The Blue Room Bar at Cartlandia, 8145 SE 82nd Ave 


Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.00.53 AM

“The first two candidate sections will be a more formal question and answer segment where candidates will be answering five questions, sourced from Southeast and East Portland neighborhood associations and organizations. At noon, candidates will stay for an informal meet and greet with light refreshments. (Please RSVP (here) to this event to help us plan for enough refreshments!)”

The Gathering Church, 5921 SE 88th Ave * 10 am – 1 pm 


“But what is Participatory Budgeting (PB), how does it work, and how is it different from other forms of governing? What are the potential benefits for increasing government accountability, making participation more meaningful and equitable, and building trust and community? What can we learn from other cities as we experiment with PB in the Portland metro region?”

This is a free event, but registration (here) is requested. Lunch is provide, childcare and translation is provided upon request.

Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE Stark St * 9 am – 3:30 pm


“Join us this Saturday at our pop-up park on SE Stark Street! We’ll be taking over two parking spaces for a “parklet” as part of Portland Design Week. We’ll have fun activities for kids and adults to celebrate our neighborhood, National Poetry Month, and using the streets to build community!”

8037 SE Stark St * 10 am – 7 pm 


“Come celebrate the new playground at Ventura Park!

Join the party to celebrate your new playground; free cake and activities.”

Ventura Park, SE 113th Ave and Stark St * 2 pm – 4 pm * free 


“Courageous Vulnerability ‘How Can Men Support Women to Speak Up and Be Seen?’

A Non-Profit Fundraiser in Honor of #metoo, #hertoo, #timesup. Featuring an Expert Conference Panel with Audience Q & A. Presented by Cafe de la Culture, Musical Ambassadors for Peace, and 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Tickets).”


Foster Powell Community Garden Plant Sale:
“The time has come again for the annual Foster-Powell Community Garden Plant Sale and Fundraiser.
Swing by for dirt cheap prices on plants of many varieties.  We will also have snacks and raffle prizes from local business.  All proceeds go directly to the garden.”

SE 62nd Ave and Powell * noon – 6 pm

This weekend

On Thursday, April 12th, Mayor Ted Wheeler will be giving his State of the City address— and he’s chosen Portland Community College Southeast on 82nd as its location.

It’s a nice gesture, but if you follow City politics you’ll notice a trend of facilities being sited in East Portland without respectful notice or even proper process. The shelter on Foster Rd and the bottle drop planned for 82nd Ave are two recent, glaring examples.

Choosing locations for services can be challenging, but starting the process should be very simple: follow your own rules and communicate. The hard work of reaching compromise is made even harder when the City does neither. Wheeler is asking for feedback, and his first question is: “How would you like to see our communities become even stronger?”

Follow your own rules and communicate with neighbors. It would be a good start.


I got a good look at the site of the new community garden on Oregon Department of Transportation land this week… 🙂

There’ll be a dedication ceremony for Earth Day, I hear.

Location of the new garden in Lents on ODOT property: ✨🌱✨

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“On Friday, April 6th the Whitenoise Project is thrilled to be able to host Michelle Peñaloza as our first visiting reader as well as the illimitable Samiya Bashir and Stacey Tran for a special reading to celebrate Stacey’s newly released ‘Soap for the Dogs’!

ADA accessible and all ages! No one will be turned away for lack of funds.”

Art Haus at Milepost 5, 8155 NE Oregon St * 7  pm – 9 pm  * $5 – $10 suggested 


Leach Garden tour (invitation):
“First Saturday of the month: Garden Curator Courtney Vengarick will show you what’s blooming and of seasonal interest, provide useful and engaging information, and share fun stories about the adventurous creators of the Garden, Botanist Lilla Leach and pharmacist/civic leader John Leach.”
Meet in front of the Gift Shop, next to the Manor House. Limit 15, first come first served.

Leach Botanical Garden  * 11 am – noon


Image result for montavilla jazz Festival

Tonight is the Montavilla Jazz Festival‘s season reveal fund raiser (tickets):

“Now in its 5th year, Montavilla Jazz Festival is a two-day festival that celebrates the very best in original Portland jazz. This April, don’t miss our Season Reveal Fundraiser, which includes wine and bites from Vino Veritas, a sneak peak performance by our top secret 2018 festival headliner, and a celebration of the Portland jazz community!”
Includes drink ticket, hors d’oeuvres, and limited edition photobook highlighting three years of MJF photography by Kathryn Elsesser.”
The big show is August 18th & 19th this year. The festival is a fund raiser for Montavilla Schools Music Fund. Vino Veritas is also hosting jazz shows several days a week, visit their page for more details.
 Vino Veritas, 7835 SE Stark St * 6:30 pm doors, 7 pm show * $50


Image may contain: text and food

Green Lents Garden Swap (FB invitation):

“Calling all gardeners and plant lovers! This is the time and place to make something of your spare decorative pot, your extra seeds, your surplus plants, your half-used bag of compost, and well… you get the idea.

Embrace the season and meet us at Zenger Farm with your garden items, and hopefully you’ll find new treasures to swap them with. While you’re here you can enjoy some snacks, take part in our silent auction, and purchase a native plant or two to take home. 

This event is free and open to the public! We are thankful for our sponsors Portland Nursery and Bosky Dell Natives.”

Zenger Farm, 11741 SE Foster Rd * 1 pm – 4 pm 


Monarch Tears of Joy

“The migration of the monarch is one of the most inexplicable phenomena in nature. From the tiny caterpillar traversing a world of miniature obstacles to the beautiful and brave butterfly who dares to fly for thousands of miles, Mon the Minnesotan Monarch takes you from Canada to Mexico and back up through the states again on this astonishing journey of determination and wonder, served up with a heapin’ hot dish of Minnesotan hospitality! Performed by Emily Alexander of Tears of Joy Theatre.”

Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd Ave * 3 pm – 3:45 pm


Image result for East County Community Orchestra

East County Community Orchestra and Portland Metro Concert Band play a combined concert.

This concert is made possible by a grant received by the Portland Metro Concert Band from the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

Horner Performing Arts Center, David Douglas High School, 1400 SE 130th Ave * 3 pm * free


Lots of goodness going on in East Portland… enjoy your weekend!

This weekend

There was a Lents Neighborhood Association meeting this week, watch the video and read a summary of the meeting here. There are several new facilities proposed for the neighborhood, including a bottle return center and homeless shelter, all discussed at the meeting.


Also if you missed it, Jennifer Young crushed her fundraising goal at her telethon last Saturday. I really enjoyed stopping by and hanging out for a bit. You can still donate here.


It’s been a lot of fun working with Katie Penna, one of several great neighborhood activists who have stepped up recently to work with Village Portland. I also appreciated double teaming an interview with Barbara Bader, another great neighborhood activist. We reported on a classic McDonald’s restaurant that was threatened with demolition, that unfortunately, was knocked down on Thursday.

Part of the core vision of Village Portland is to help neighbors tell their stories (through words or video), so if you’d like to get involved… I can be reached at 🙂

Happy spring!


Screenshot 2018-03-30 at 11.37.54 AM

“Join us for our 2018 Eggstravaganza! [FB invitation] There is something for everyone! Just added!!! Roaming characters, cotton candy, a bounce house AND THE EASTER BUNNY!!

Incredible face painters Carnival games Food and fun!

Easter egg hunts start at 11 am!”

The Bridge is a church, learn more about their community here.

The Bridge, 8747 SE Foster Rd * 11 am


Friends of Noise (website) is a really cool organization for budding musicians… they throw all ages shows and teach kids the skills that it takes to make shows happen. There’s a workshop on how to run a PA in the day and an all-ages show in the evening (calendar).

Freinds of Noise, 7320 NE Sandy Blvd * noon – 2 pm * free


Friends of Trees planting: Beaumont-Wilshire, Cully, and Roseway neighborhoods.

Native American Youth and Family Center, 5135 NE Columbia Blvd * 9 am – 1 pm 


“¿Está aprendiendo inglés? 正在学英语吗?Учите английский? Học tiếng Anh? 

Talk Time is an informal conversation circle for non-native speakers to practice speaking English.”

Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd Ave * 3:30 pm – 5 pm 


Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature

Annual Glenwood Park Egg Hunt:

“Hi everyone, time for our annual egg hunt. All are welcome. Plastic treat stuffed eggs provided, but please bring more to share! No real eggs please. 

Meet at the Glenwood city park playground in the northwest corner of the park. We will “hide” the eggs starting t 12:30 PM and hunt will begin at 1 PM. Last year there was some confusion about the start time (so sorry). The MC will have a whistle and will blow it to get everyone’s attention. This way you will know who is running the event :)”

Glenwood Park, SE 87th Ave * 12:30 pm 


Enjoy your weekend!

Lents Neighborhood Association – General Meeting summary


In this month’s meeting the Lents Neighborhood Association hosted speakers from the Red Cross, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and Portland Community College SE campus.

The meeting was held Tuesday, March 27th. About 60 neighbors attended.

This month prior to the meeting the Lents Neighborhood Association hosted a community appreciation dinner where board members served food to community members. Board chair Sabina Urdes expressed her desire to remove barriers to engagement by providing both a meal and child care at the meeting.

The meeting opens with a review of the meeting code of conduct and public comment. During the public comment a request was raised by a community member for the neighborhood association to write a letter to try to save and preserve the vintage McDonald’s building on 92nd & Powell. A motion was made and passed for the LNA to write a letter of support to help this community member save the vintage Mcdonald’s building.

[editor’s note: We interviewed the historian here, and sadly to report… the building was demolished Thursday, March 29th.]

@16:47 David Porter from the Red Cross spoke about a program where the Red Cross would be installing 500 smoke alarms for free in Lents on May 12th.

@23:40 Brandi Tuck from Portland Homeless Family Solutions spoke about their mission and their ideas for a proposed new family shelter on 92nd and Tolman. The building on 92nd and Tolman is currently a sober living shelter for homeless men run by Teen Challenge.

@41:41 Joel Schoeing from the Oregon Beverage and Recycling Cooperative spoke about changes to the bottle redemption program and new locations for recycling centers. Specifically the proposed new bottle redemption center in Lents at 4616 SE 82nd Ave.

@56:03 Juliet Pursell spoke about an adult GED program at PCC SE campus.

@1:01 Kathy Ritking spoke about a clean up program called Paint the Town Green which is a partnership with Metro, the City of Portland and Solve. The date of the clean up would be Saturday, June 16th.

@1:04 Urdes spoke about the board opening for an at large position. At the March board meeting the board nominated David M. Carroll as a new at large board member. David Carroll spoke for a few minutes about his experience in non-profits and was approved as an at large board member by the general membership.

@1:07:13 The meeting for the last general meeting were discussed and approved.

@1:10:08 Committee reports were discussed, a handout was made available with every committee report. The committee reports are also available online.

@1:19:15 Board president Sabina Urdes talked about the newly formed grievance committee. No details were given about the grievances.

@1:20:37 A community discussion was had about what kind of advocacy the general membership would like to see the neighborhood association work on in the future.