Can we have better, more productive discussions? I believe we can.

Will it take a conscious decision to disregard the models on display in most of the mainstream media. Absolutely.

I opened the door to new ways of storytelling and community problem solving when I started Village Portland, and have been thankful to the folks who have answered the call.

Darren McCormick describes himself (even though he doesn’t like having to describe himself), as an amateur philosopher. He has developed, and has been testing out, a method called Debate by Agreement.

And since we’re working on establishing a new Village Portland on the Portland State University campus (spearheaded by Cory Elia), we figured it would be a good idea to try it out on campus.

Hopefully, the process is something neighbors from across Portland can all learn from.


Wy’East open house (event):

“Is an Eat & Greet on its own going to solve homelessness? No, but an Eat & Greet can be a platform for community engagement and action. We believe an Eat & Greet can cultivate the connections our community needs — the empathy we need — to continue building toward new ideas, and solutions.”

1427 SE 122nd Ave * 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm