May’s Lents Neighborhood Association general meeting focused on housing, with a panel of experts from all over the city.

Thanks to Robert Schultz for filming the meeting, and his creativity with its opening. It made me smile.

A moment of silence was had for  Jo Lynn Nearing, a long-time LNA board member, who died from complications stroke and lung cancer on June 2nd. Her celebration of life will be held at Lakeside Garden (16211 SE Foster Rd) on June 16th from 1 pm to 4 pm.

The LNA sought approval for a variety of initiative from last month’s community work session, and those results were shared with those in attendance.

@ 16:50 – There’s a new subdivision planned near Mt. Scott (105th Ave and Henderson St), said Cora Lee Potter, land-use chair. She also said that Portland zoning changes are going through, and that she would be willing to help explain the changes (contact information) to neighbors if they wanted help.

Sabina Urdes, LNA chair said two editions of the LNA newsletter have been published. She also said that if anyone wants something published they can contact her.

@ 21:00The LNA began their forum on housing, with representatives from: Green Lents; ROSE Community Development, The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; a representative from Mayor Ted Wheeler‘s office (who referenced the 2017 State of Housing Report); Living Cully (part of the Anti-Displacement PDX coalition); Palindrome (developer of Oliver Station @ 37:15 an update is given); Lents Strong housing team; and Tenants Priced Out working group.

There’s a wealth of experience and knowledge shared by the panel… it’s definitely worth a watch.

@ 1:28:00 – A representative from the Arts Tax Oversight Committee gave an update on the tax. They are considering raising the exemption to the tax, but and also raising the tax from $35 to somewhere between $41 and $45.

These Art Tax proposals will likely be brought before the City Council this summer, he said.

@ 1:30:20 – Former LNA Chair Nick Christensen gave an update on his work helping neighbors get better rates on their flood insurance.

@ 1:31:10 – A representative from Green Lents, said that on June 2nd and 3rd, the Lents Community Action Forum will be held at Kelly Elementary School. Green Lents will also hold a neighborhood-wide garage sale in July. Deadline to apply for the garage sale is June 27th.

@ 1:33:20 – The pastor of Lents Seventh Day Adventist Church, where the LNA meetings are held, is hosting their Vacation Bible School on June 2 and Sun June 3. Impact Your Health, a program to help the un- or under-insured is being held August 10th and 12th. Their events are here.

Paint the Town Green an event to pick up trash and paint over graffiti along 82nd Ave, is scheduled for June 16th.