Lent’s Neighborhood Association General Meeting Summary

This month the Lents Neighborhood Association hosted the following speakers: Rich Newlands who gave an update on the Foster Streetscape Project, Rep. Jeff Reardon and Michelle Mills from Oregon Solutions who spoke about flood insurance and the floodplain in Lents, Jen Corbridge who spoke about Rep Alissa Keny-Guyer’s priorities in Salem, Sarah Wilson from Wilson Company Contractors, and representatives from the Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team.
The meeting was held Tuesday, April 24th.
The meeting opens with the recognition of time keeper, note taker and a success tracker for the evening was chosen from the membership. The addition of the success tracker is new as of this month, the volunteer success tracker will take notes of successful meeting outcomes and go over those successes at the end of the meeting.
16:10 – Representatives from the Portland Police Bureau Neighborhood Response Team spoke about potential budgeting issues and possible outcomes.
@ 25:00 – Board Chair Sabina Urdes introduced Arlene Kimura from the Hazelwood Neighborhood Association who instructed us in a community active work session. For 25 minutes the meeting attendees walked around the room and spoke to various committee chairs and made lists of and ranked the LNA’s advocacy priorities for the rest of the year.
@ 48:50 – The meeting was open to comments from the general membership
1:00:53 – Jen Corbridge from Rep Alissa Keny-Guyer’s office spoke about Rep Keny-Guyer’s priorities in salem which include affordable housing and a path to homeownership for lower and middle income Oregonians.
1:09:48 – Rich Newlands spoke about the Foster streetscape project and gave a very tentative outline of when and where construction might start.
1:15:56 – Sarah Wilson from Wilson Company Contractors spoke about a new apartment project her husband’s company will be working on at 90th and Woodstock.
1:20:55 – Rep Jeff Reardon and Michael Mills gave the Oregon Solutions Lent’s collaborative update in regards to flood insurance and other flood plain topics.