In this month’s meeting the Lents Neighborhood Association hosted speakers from the Red Cross, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and Portland Community College SE campus.

The meeting was held Tuesday, March 27th. About 60 neighbors attended.

This month prior to the meeting the Lents Neighborhood Association hosted a community appreciation dinner where board members served food to community members. Board chair Sabina Urdes expressed her desire to remove barriers to engagement by providing both a meal and child care at the meeting.

The meeting opens with a review of the meeting code of conduct and public comment. During the public comment a request was raised by a community member for the neighborhood association to write a letter to try to save and preserve the vintage McDonald’s building on 92nd & Powell. A motion was made and passed for the LNA to write a letter of support to help this community member save the vintage Mcdonald’s building.

[editor’s note: We interviewed the historian here, and sadly to report… the building was demolished Thursday, March 29th.]

@16:47 David Porter from the Red Cross spoke about a program where the Red Cross would be installing 500 smoke alarms for free in Lents on May 12th.

@23:40 Brandi Tuck from Portland Homeless Family Solutions spoke about their mission and their ideas for a proposed new family shelter on 92nd and Tolman. The building on 92nd and Tolman is currently a sober living shelter for homeless men run by Teen Challenge.

@41:41 Joel Schoeing from the Oregon Beverage and Recycling Cooperative spoke about changes to the bottle redemption program and new locations for recycling centers. Specifically the proposed new bottle redemption center in Lents at 4616 SE 82nd Ave.

@56:03 Juliet Pursell spoke about an adult GED program at PCC SE campus.

@1:01 Kathy Ritking spoke about a clean up program called Paint the Town Green which is a partnership with Metro, the City of Portland and Solve. The date of the clean up would be Saturday, June 16th.

@1:04 Urdes spoke about the board opening for an at large position. At the March board meeting the board nominated David M. Carroll as a new at large board member. David Carroll spoke for a few minutes about his experience in non-profits and was approved as an at large board member by the general membership.

@1:07:13 The meeting for the last general meeting were discussed and approved.

@1:10:08 Committee reports were discussed, a handout was made available with every committee report. The committee reports are also available online.

@1:19:15 Board president Sabina Urdes talked about the newly formed grievance committee. No details were given about the grievances.

@1:20:37 A community discussion was had about what kind of advocacy the general membership would like to see the neighborhood association work on in the future.