In this month’s meeting, the Lents Neighborhood Association had discussions as to why so many board members have recently left the board and LNA board actions on social media.

About 60 neighbors in attendance also heard speakers from Portland Water Bureau, East Portland Neighborhood Office, and Prosper Portland.

The meeting opens with introductions, the approval of the minutes from the January meeting, a brief discussion about the meeting code of conduct discussed and approved at the January meeting, and public comment.

During public comment a questions was raised by a Lents resident as to why so many board members have recently resigned from the board. A long discussion followed.

@ 34:19 Sabina Urdes, LNA board president, reads a public statement that she had prepared addressing the challenges of her role as board president and her relationship with the members of the Lents Neighborhood Association board and the members of the Lents Neighborhood Livability Association. The Lents Neighborhood Livability Association is a group of Lents community members that have formed their own neighborhood association unaffiliated with the Lents Neighborhood Association.

@ 45:22 A motion was submitted and subsequently passed to approve the minutes from the January meeting.

@ 46:40 Sabina Urdes explained the new process for committee reports. Instead of committee reports being read, printed handouts will be given out each meeting to save time. Committee chairs will still be allowed to verbally add to and comment on their reports at the general meetings.

@ 51:17 The meeting goes into the speaker portion, six minutes behind schedule. The Water Bureau was the first speaker scheduled and even though nine minutes remained on their allotted time they had already left the meeting. They were attending to discuss the water / sewer discount program. They left handouts detailing the program. Sabina Urdes will be posting the information online at a later date.

@ 52:37 Surya Joshi from the East Portland Neighborhood office speaks about grants for community members, upcoming deadlines for the grants, and the grant application process.

1:00 William Their from Prosper Portland speaks about the 2019 sundowning of the 20-year Lents urban renewal project and the 2018 / 2019 budget for the project.

1:18:34 Community member Robert Schultz leads a emotional community discussion about LNA board and community members actions on social media.