Out of all the races this election season, and the fact that there are three other candidates for the Oregon House of Representatives District 48, you might ask: why interview unaffiliated candidate Tim Crawley?

Partly because state representative races don’t get much attention, but also because he reached out to me. Crowley lives in East Portland, follows Lents neighborhood issues, and is one of the many unsung Portlanders involved in community service (he’s on the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood association board and the Johnson Creek Watershed Council).

A big part of the Village’s mission is to spotlight community service, and encourage neighbors to get involved. Crawley’s walked (and ran) the district, and shared a lot of what he learned about the issues impacting Lents and the rest of the district. In the video below we talk a bit about his campaign, some issues and opportunities in East Portland, and his belief in the importance of neighborhood organizing.

Crawley is running unaffiliated against incumbent Jeff Reardon (D), Sonny Yellot (R), who doesn’t seem to have a campaign website, and Gary Dye (Libertarian).

I enjoyed spending a morning with Tim. He was a good listener, seemed to know a lot of the people and issues of Lents and the district, and was vigilant in stopping for pedestrians while driving.